Elite Collection

A designer and resort favorite, this collection is built with square tubing and consistent clean lines that have a modern look and feel. Incredibly comfortable, sleek and stylish, this is not your average outdoor furniture... this is the Elite Collection.

Our “Elite” collection is a favorite for those in search of a more contemporary option for their outdoor settings. We’ve remained true to our roots in designing and manufacturing this furniture with longevity and style at the forefront of our attention. Sleek, attractive and uniquely bulky, this modern collection is sure to last a lifetime. Our “Elite” collection is 100% hand welded with mitered corners and a tedious grinding process to ensure the most beautiful final product possible. The frame is typically constructed using 2′′ x 2′′ square steel but is also available in a variety of other tubing frames including smaller/lighter square tubing and a thinner 1”x2”tubing frame option. Many of the pieces feature a “floating” design element to add to its unique style. All casual seating and poolside pieces boast 6 1/2′′ thick memory reflex cushions while dining pieces feature 3 1/2′′ thick cushions.

Please note: This collection offers a wide variety of customizable design options including custom sizing options to suit your specific comfort requirements.